Hydraulik GmbH

Spare parts

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Repair and refurbishing of mechanical seals requires various spare parts. Through our many years of operation in this field, we have gained valuable experience with manufacturing and purchasing components from proven suppliers.

Examples of spare parts we offer:

  • Shaft sleeves – such as materials 1.4462 / 1.4571 / 2.4610 / Titanium
    We increase the operating life of spare parts by welding various materials and coating them with a structural protective layer.
  • Shafts – such as materials 1.4462 / 1.4571 / 2.4610 / Titanium
    Shafts are coated with a structural layer of e.g. WCCo or molybdenum and may be ordered in demagnetized form as well.
  • Sealing rotating and stationary rings – e.g. SSiC, SiC, SiSiC, carbon, ceramic or carbide
  • Graphite and V-rings
  • Flat gasket
  • O-rings with single or double PTFE encapsulated, made of different materials, from renowned producers:

    NBR, HNBR, ACM, CR, EPDM, VMQ, FVMQ, FEPM, IIR, PTFE, SBR, NR, FKM, FFKM Europrene®, Krynac®, Nipol N®, Perbunan NT®, Therban®, Zetpol®, Noxtite®, Hytemp®, Nipol AR®, Baypren®, Neoprene®, Dutral®, Keltan®, Vistalon®, Buna EP®, Elastoseal®, Rhodorsil®, Silastic®, Silopren®, Silastic®, Aflas®, Esso Butyl®, Buna S®, Europrene®, Polysar S®, Dai-El®, Fluorel®, Tecnoflon®, Viton®, Isolast®, Kalrez®, Zurcon®, Adiprene®, Pellethan®, Vulcollan®, Desmopan®, Chemraz®